Our strategy is a fruitfull longterm cooperation, that’s why we always have discounts for our loyal clients.

“Minimal’ package

  “Minimal” package is a one-time package, which includes reports necessarily requested by Regulator.

  • conducting of the liability adequacy test of reserves on the end of the year;
  • writing an Acturial report;
  • stress-testing.

“Comfort” package

  “Comfort” package is a one-year package, which includes main needs of the Insurance Companies in term of actuarial calculations.

  • conducting of the liability adequacy test of reserves in each quarter;
  • calculation IBNR in each quarter;
  • writing an Acturial report (each quarter);
  • stress-testing at the end of the year;
  • consulting service.

“Risk Management System” package

  “Risk Management System” package for the Companies allows to implement management system of the risk in accordance to the Regulator’s requirements.

  • development of the document “Risk management system”;
  • development of the document “Methodology of risk management”;
  • development of calculations modules;
  • wtiting of report on any reporting date (one-time service) “Assessment of the risk of Insurer”.

  Additionaly, the educational seminars are possible or/and the presentation with explanations of the results.

 “Rules” package

  • proof-reading of the Rules of insurance or its development;
  • development of tariffs for Rules of insurance;
  • verification of the tariffs for Rules of Insurance by certified Actuary.