‘Luts Consulting’ team offers services in the estimation of technical provisions’ adequacy of Insurance Companies in accordance with Regulator requirements and International Financial Reporting Standards.

  We will figure the best suiting you estimation method based on the features of your business, needed insurance type and given statistical data.

  Our certified specialists who have a large experience in the calculation of reserves both in mass insurance types and, non-mass insurance, will professionally perform the calculations and comment the results.

  The final product of our work is an Actuary Report that covers methods and assumptions used during the reserves estimation. Moreover, it contains all the results and recommendations of our Actuaries. All our reports are officially signed by the certified Actuary.

  Our team supports the client’s Company in terms of reserves estimation during Regulator or external auditors’ checks. In addition, we can professionally present the results to any audience.

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  Forming of the insurance reserves gives the possibility for the Insurance Company to fulfill its current and future obligations if they appear.

  Those insurance companies, which signs the contracts for non-life insurance, in accordance to the Law of Ukraine “About insurance” and Order № 3104 since 17.12.2004 are obligated to form the following technical reserves:

  • Unearned premium reserve (UPR)
  • Reported but not settled reserve (RBNS)
  • Incurred but not reported (IBNR). This reserve must be formed for the obligatory third-party liability insurance, and  when the company forms the UPR by “1/365” method («pro rata»);
  • The catastrophe reserve and equalized reserve (EQR), if the company deals with nuclear risk insurance and obligatory third-party liability insurance of the drivers.

    In cases of singning the reinsurer’s contracts for the certain line of businesses, the part of technical reserves of the reinsurer,which are an asset of the Company, must be also shown.