‘LUTS Consulting’ services are not limited to the mentioned above. Our Actuaries have a large experience in regulations’ writing, analytical reports creation and solving outsized tasks such as:

  • Forecasting insurance payment. Determination of expected payment level for insurance cases;
  • Actuary profit/loss calculation;
  • Researching temporarily portfolio structure. Distribution of reserves, yearly insurance claims, determination of critical periods of capital adequacy;
  • Creating of various analytical reports;
  • Evaluation of reinsurance portfolio;
  • Technical task creation for development and improvement of the personified system of life insurance agreement accounting;
  • Distribution of bonuses according to the insurance laws;
  • Development and writing of methodological documents of the Company (Rules of Reserves Formation, Insurance Rules, Tariffs Calculation Methodology etc.)

  We are ready to qualitatively undertake our commitments if you address us regarding any of the issues mentioned above.