Our specialists, by implementing their own experience and knowledge, helps to develop competitive insurance products, and also calculate the tariff rates.

  Our team propose the following services regarding tariffication:

  • Calculation and confirmation of insurance tariffs according to new and updated insurance programs;
  • Preparation of basical tariffs for Insurance Rules and its verification by certified Actuary;
  • Participation in developing, checking, adding amendments, confirmation of the programs of long-term and pension life insurance;
  • Developing of insurance products, and also determination of the compliance of the insurance product with IFRS 4 «Insurance Contracts»;
  • Profit-testing of insurance products. Calculations of the profitability form insurance products depending on the insurance risks, aquisation and other costs. Determining of the capital insufficiency;
  • Developing of the calculators, improving of the calculators for the calculations of the features of life insurance contracts including calculations of the additional profits and new conditions of the contracts after its revision;
  • Other tasks related to the process of tarification, where help from Actuaries or Analitcs is needed.